U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Visits Haley Park

Haley Park, designed by BDG Architects and led by project architect Brian Hammond, AIA, is an affordable 55+ apartment complex that just opened a few months back with a focus on veterans in need. All 80 units were filled immediately, showing the necessity to address this ongoing issue in our community.

Word of Haley Park’s success has spread well beyond the city of Tampa.  Robert McDonald, the U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs, visited on Wednesday to tour the property and meet with some of the people who made this project possible. Since his nomination in 2014, McDonald has made it his mission to “put the needs, expectations, and interests of veterans and their families first.”

Frank Strom, Manager of Hillsborough County Veterans Affairs, told the Tampa Bay Times, “we have approximately 92,000 veterans in the county and many are getting older. This is a great win for the veterans in our community,”

One man recounted his previous struggles with homelessness when his dream of having his own apartment seemed unattainable.  He expressed his extreme gratitude for his new home and affordable housing options.

We hope our design of Haley Park can become a model for future communities so our seniors and veterans can have the quality of life that they deserve.  We are proud to have been part of this project.

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