BDG Architects continually invests in the latest technology to develop its communication infrastructure for the Program Management and Construction Administration groups. Clients today are in need of full service architecture firms that can manage a project from inception to completion and BDG Architects has structured itself to be able to fill that role. All aspects of a project from market planning, design evaluation, building design, production of documents, budgeting, consultant retention and cost management to procurement, permitting and compliance with all varieties of local building requirements are effectively handled by the BDG Architects team.

Our network based Program Management Database capabilities allow for real-time access to all the project data for the entire project team and a streamlined communication and implementation process that embraces the client as an integral part of the project team. With over 600 separate projects, and the comprehensive experience and knowledge of our program management staff, whether it is one or two separate projects, or a multi-year high volume program, BDG Architects has extensive experience at all levels to provide a responsive knowledge based Program Management. Our unique Program Management application provides us insights into the issues driving change across markets. To help businesses navigate the impact of industry trends on the built environment, our experience and data base turns client challenges to competitive advantage.

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