The traditional role of the Architect usually begins after a Client has purchased a site. We find that coordinating with the Client’s Real Estate Team prior to an acquisition can help avoid problematic issues and provides a better definition of responsibilities between the Client, the Landlord and the Development Team.

Clients today are in need of a full service firm that can manage a project from acquisition to certificate of occupancy, and our team has structured itself to be able to fill that role. All aspects of a project including market planning, design evaluation, building design, production of documents, budgeting, consultant retention, cost management, permitting and compliance with all levels of local building requirements are effectively managed by the BDG Development Services team.

By engaging us prior to the transaction, we can effectively focus on protecting the Owner’s schedule and budget throughout the process. Our firm’s knowledge and experience provide the Owner expertise into the issues driving change across markets. To help your businesses navigate the impact of industry trends facing your project, our Development Services team can turn industry challenges into competitive advantages.

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