BDG Architects adopted the term “Leadership IN Architecture……….. Leadership BEYOND Architecture®” as it reflects the firm’s daily focus of maintaining the leading edge of the art and science of integrating design into every project. In addition to investing in some of the best architects and designers in the architecture field, what differentiates BDG Architects is our well-developed communication infrastructure. BDG Architects distinguishes itself to craft a project’s unique architectural identity through a method of integrated project delivery that fosters interaction and exchange between client, project team, end-users and the broader community. We bring a global approach to every scale of project and every market, using the analytical and problem solving discipline of architecture to enlighten and transform contemporary and relevant design solutions for each and every project.

Our process utilizes experience, information gathering, research, dialog and transparent methods to shape design options that unite differing viewpoints and inform decision-making. We see architecture as a continually evolving art that can express the aspirations of our shared culture. In our designs, we draw on architecture’s rich history, on evolving technologies, on emerging trends and on the partnerships we build with our clients. From concept through the construction process we continually refine our methods of working in collaboration with all project stakeholders to incorporate emerging technologies, with design as the anchor of our fundamental beliefs.