NanaWall at Helios Education Foundation

In a tenant improvement, available space is finite, and at a premium.  However, being able to transform a given space, on demand, into different-sized rooms with different functionalities can, effectively, create more space than is available. The Helios Foundation, a non-profit working to promote opportunity for more individuals to achieve a post-secondary education in Florida and Arizona, perceived the relocation of their Florida office as a chance to re-brand their image. 

“Their previous space was a rather traditional office,” recalls Anita Shumaker, who was then Director of Interior Design for BDG Architects, “dominated by warm tones.”  It hadn’t been updated in at least 15 years. Their new office has an unusual variety of different types of spaces.  Besides offices and cubicles, there are huddle-rooms, living-room like meeting spaces, several sizes of conference rooms, a lounge area with an adjoining kitchen, and a training room with desk seating for sixteen or more people. 

BDG located the training room, lounge and kitchen together in a cluster, partitioned by two NanaWall opening glass walls, to leverage that space for an on-demand large group area. By opening the walls, a sizeable, comfortable space, with adjacent kitchen for catering, is instantly available.

The training room tables can all be fit into a storage area, clearing the room for a variety of events.  As Shumaker puts it, ““Having the NanaWall allows them the most flexibility they could have.”  Helios uses this space for a range of events in their outreach to the community and interactions with their partners all along the educational continuum from early learning to higher education.

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